GNS3 IOU VM 1.5.4 Installation

GNS3 is an open source application for network simulation. I use it since I was studying CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE till now. I can emulate real Cisco IOS in this application. Due to its previous limitation on Switching emulation, now they release an update feature to run Cisco IOU (IOS On Unix) in the new version of GNS3. You can simulate Cisco IOU for L2/L3 device in GNS3. This is what I need to pursue my CCIE certification!

In this session, I want to share a tutorial how to configure GNS IOU VM on 1.5.4 version (the latest version is 2.0.x, but I’m still prefer to use 1.5.4 version due to its stability and compatibility with my notebook).  I believe there are people outside there who already familiar and shared this kind of tutorial but I wanna do in my way ~ at least, it’s for personal reference ~.

OK, these are some items we need to prepare before installation.  Continue reading GNS3 IOU VM 1.5.4 Installation


OPNSense – Zevenet Fusion: Open Source Firewall and Load Balancer Trial Case

Related to my previous posting, I just want to share another lab experience here. This tutorial will show you a basic topology and configuration of OPNSense  as firewall to allow client-server communication. OPSense is an open source FreeBSD based Firewall and Routing platform. It’s a enhancement of previous open source firewall, pfSense. You can find the feature details from their website here. Continue reading OPNSense – Zevenet Fusion: Open Source Firewall and Load Balancer Trial Case

ZEN Load Balancer: Simple Traffic Distribution

We will remember “F5” easily when we are talking about Application Delivery Controller (ADC) or Load Balancer product. No wonder if F5 always become a Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for ADC category. In this session, I want to share my virtual lab experience while I’m still exploring a load balancer from ZEVENET, or most people call it as ZEN Load Balancer. Basically, they have two type of products in their website. Since I just wanna do a simple testing, I choose Community version which is you can get it for free. Continue reading ZEN Load Balancer: Simple Traffic Distribution