Basic VoIP Intersite Call

Hi Guys,

I was on my study about basic VoIP in several weeks ago, and It’s time to create the summary what I’ve done. Actually, you’ll get alot of resources about Cisco VoIP outside there. As my habit, I’d like to make a short note as my reminder.

My lab experience is not in real devices, I used Packet Tracer to simulate it. We’ll see what Packet Tracer can do…

I want to introduce you some VoIP terms before the lab, i.e. :

  • ephone –> the VoIP devices, such as Cisco 7960, CIPC, and still many more.
  • ephone-dn –> this is phone directory number where we can define the called or calling number (extension).
  • button –> usually we can assign 2 number in Cisco phones, there is 2 button in the devices and we can assign the number to each. But, for this lab we only use 1 button.
  • dial-peer –> Cisco uses 2 type of Dial Peer, you can check it at this link. It used to map the number in different site, the analogy just like ip route command in the routing concept. *CMIIW

So, it’s time for the lab… Here we go!

Topology :

Basic VoIP - Intersite

Head Office Configuration :

We need to configure DHCP Pool for VoIP segment, below is a chunk of its configuration :

ip dhcp pool VOIP-LIST
option 150 ip

So, let’s continue to activate Call Manager Express feature in Cisco 2800 router :

max-ephones 5
max-dn 5
ip source-address port 2000
auto assign 1 to 5

ip source-address command used to define the location and the port number for the telephony router (VoIP gateway).

All configurations above will connect only for Local call, to connect between site let’s do this :

dial-peer voice 50 voip
destination-pattern 50.
session target ipv4:
dial-peer voice 201 voip
destination-pattern 201
session target ipv4:
dial-peer voice 301 voip
destination-pattern 301
session target ipv4:
dial-peer voice 401 voip
destination-pattern 401
session target ipv4:

Done it! Next is branch configuration, but I feel too lazy for typing. So, I’ll leave it to you. You can download the full configuration for each Router and Switch here :

HeadOfficeBranch | HO Switch | Branch Switch

Reference :

Cisco VoIP in Packet Tracer by stevebrookes


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