On Demand Routing on Cisco Router

Hai guys,

Has long time no see you, beside that I don’t play Cisco router anymore because I’m busy with my job. But now, I’m feeling miss GNS3 (read: Cisco) so I try to explore my skills again. Because I have a plan to take CCNP after passed my CCNA. In this topic I just want to share about a little feature from Cisco router.

Yahh, ODR(On Demand Routing) is a feature from Cisco that usually to be used in Hub-Spoke topology. In Hub-Spoke topology sometimes we need static route and dynamic routing simultaneously. But if the topology is consist of a lot of router (large topology) it will difficult to be done manually. We need a lot of script to create,line by line.

Therefore Cisco released this feature, with command router odr on Hub router all router spokes do not need to be configured manually to create dynamic/static routing. ODR use CDP feature to delivery the routing table information between Hub and Spoke routers. To enjoy my experiment download the file bellow and explore it by yourself. Many thanks… 🙂



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