IOS Upgrading on H3C/AR 28-12 Router

Have long time no visit my lovely blog, and in this chapter I wanna to share you about how to upgrade the H3C’s Comware in AR 28 Series. I’m not gonna to explain clearly in this blog, but I’ve packed it on .docx file, just click it. It’s so simple job, dude! I should do this job no more than 5 minutes at my client’s sites.

May be I’ll post the same topic for MSR series in next time. 🙂


One thought on “IOS Upgrading on H3C/AR 28-12 Router

  1. Hello
    I searched for contact information in your blog but I did not find an e-mail address, I hope you can read me.
    In my company we have several routers technology H3C (or HP no longer is who that finally jejj) we have several routers AR-2831, and we are using the facilities for VoIP, but these routers (have the firmware version 3.40) have serious problems with the management of the SIP protocol and we would like to be able to upgrade the firmware to a higher, for example version bringing the MSR900. Do you know if you can do an upgrade of the firmware of an AR-2831 with the firmware of a MSR900? I have checked the settings and it is clear that they are quite similar, except that the MSR900 has many more faciliades as for example implements core SIP.
    I would appreciate if I can clarify these issues.H3C support was not very clear, only I gave a link to the website of HP.
    Best regards

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