The Journey Just Begun

November 23rd 2010 is historical day for me, do you know why ??? Because my dream became true, I have passed CCNA exam! I’ve waited this moment for 2 years since I was a 2nd grade student at Physics Engineering, ITB. I think this is one of the God’s grace for me. Passing CCNA exam is nothing special for some people, perhaps. But, I feel it’s very special moment.

As I attended Himawan‘s presentation in my college about 2 years ago, I was so stunned with his experiences to be network engineer. He tells alot of story about his journey until he becomes Triple CCIE in my country and now work at Dubai as network engineer in Cisco Systems. He is inspiring all people with his articles on his blog or via mailing-list. When I have no activity, I always visit his site to get more inspiration from him. There is no technical documentation on the blog site, but he always shares his knowledges and experiences to motivate us. (Till now, sometimes I spent my time to visit his blog. Just check it, maybe he has a new posting in there)

I start learning CCNA using Boson simulator, but I feel unsatisfied with its features. So, I just try Himawan suggestion to use GNS3 as Cisco simulator. This is better simulator than before, because we can emulate the real Cisco IOS. I run GNS3 in my lovely weapon (HP Compaq C714 that I’ve sold now) using Edubuntu 7.10 operating systems. There is two problem that I have to face, first : Cisco IOS isn’t free, so I have to search it hardly using Google or ask to another people. Maybe this is illegal action! (It’s for my better future)

Second problem is : GNS3 run heavily on my system, maybe it’s caused my specification systems is below the requirements. I can connect maximum 6 router only, simultaneously. That’s all challenges that I have to deal with it.

I also spent my time to read Cisco Press ebooks (and try exam simulator using Pass4Sure or TestIndside sometimes) for 2 years. There is thousands of pages that I’ve “eaten up”. Page by page, I attempt to understand the concept. It’s so hard, but this is an immolation to achieve my goals as network engineer. Sometimes, I fell tired but the struggle must go on. When I feel desperate, I try to close my eyes for a moment and imagine that I am working in Dubai or Singapore as Cisco’s engineer like as Himawan. I always set Cisco Systems office as my desktop wallpaper, it’s sounds stupid things. But, this is my way to motivate my self. I believe I can do the best for my future.

Become network engineer is my dream, and CCNA would help me to reach my dream. I know that it’s just a beginning. There is still many homeworks that I have to do as engineer. Maybe I’m not as great as like Himawan, because we are different each other (at least we have same almamater). But, I won’t stop here before CCIE in my hands. I’ll keep struggle hardly to achieve it. Because the journey just begun… 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Journey Just Begun

  1. I like your post! 😀
    I’d like to follow your milestone to pass CCIE exam too. It’s time to contribute for our nation significantly. So, dont we enjoy your journey by our self, invite the others to develop together 😀

    Keep moving brader!

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